Mijn brief aan de president van de Verenigde Staten Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr President Donald J. Trump,
Dear Mr/Mrs ambassador of the US,

We in Belgium, as all citizens in Europe and the rest of the world,  are aware of the devastating natural disasters that hit your country severely and many of the American citizens.

Europe would have been able to help the United States massively for once if it hadn’t already wasted all our tax money on immigrants that secretly hope to take our place and destroy our civilization and culture.

I hope and will insist they will make a huge contribution to relieve the suffering and help the reconstruction of the areas being hit so hard .
We owe it to America. Its only fair, and morally just.

But i, i am here, not to ask you what you can do for me, but what i can do for your country.

I don’t want to stay sit in my chair, mourn, feel sorry with you and do nothing. I wonder what i can do for the American people without being conned.

I have great confidence in your leadership and your honest and good intentions for your fellow Americans, and especially for those in distress and great need. And i am far from alone in that.

How can i safely contribute, helping you face the massive challenges that lie ahead.

Could you, eg your embassy or an official organisation inform and direct me (and of course others) how to donate on specially created safe accounts, so that no penny gets lost and the money get fairly shared and wisely used. A special page on the website of your embassy in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe would be a good idea, be trusted and under US supervision.

I trust and am convinced, that you are the man who can handle such crisis and help the people and the country overcome the disasters you face.

With my sincere and high regards,



Mijn brief aan de president van de Verenigde Staten Donald J. Trump — 4 reacties

  1. Volgens mij een oproep waaraan artsen zonder grenzen, broederlijk delen, 11.11.11., oxfam en andere NGO graag gehoor zullen geven.
    BTW, proficiat voor dit lovenswaardige initiatief.

  2. Ja wadde… Er is een diplomaat verloren gegaan aan onze blogvriend Antoine; niet alleen door het eenvoudig-lezen van zijn brief naar de U.S. Ambassade, maar de woordkeuze èn de draai dat hij gaf aan zijn zinnen zijn perfect “slijmerig-genoeg” om een reactie los-te-weken van de geadresseerde.
    “A fantastic,auwfull letter, dear Mister Griffon” (^_-)

    • Thanks Victor. Ik vond dat ik wat moest doen wan belgië en de EUSSR zwijgen en deden/doen niets. Een schande ! Ze verdienen een trap onder hun kont, pek en veren.

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